What is a Biometric Screening?

One of the specific core elements that are included in a well-rounded wellness program is a biometric screening. A biometric screening is a brief health exam that collects basic body measurements which includes and a small blood sample. Each screening typically takes less than 20 minutes and can provide employees with important health facts. These facts include:

  • Height and weight
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Cholesterol level
  • Blood glucose level
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Biometric screenings are a form of preventive care that can help individuals avoid or better control chronic health problems when they are caught early enough. In fact, according to the WHO for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 7 out of 10 die each year from chronic diseases, many of which are preventable.

    The fact gathered from each biometric screening provides baseline data that help stratify risk. Once the information is communicated to employees, a good wellness program will create personalized goals to help employees stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary.